Operating on a global scale in the field of fluorinated polymers and technopolymers

ITAflon srl is a new Italian company operating on a global scale in the production and sales of raw materials based on fluorinated polymers and technopolymers.

specialized in PTFE compounds

ITAflon srl is specialized in PTFE compounds (virgin PTFE additivated with different fillers) , in different percentages and in different shapes : non free-flowing, flowing and pre-sintered. Thanks to the continuous relation with our partner ITAflon srl is able to propose a wide range of standard as well as taylor-made compounds, developed on customer's need for the most important applications in automotive sector, in aeronautics industry, as well in hydraulic and electric-electronic sector.


ITAflon production and office site is in Italy.
Our plant is made out of several productive lines. Our team of experienced and specialized worker is always ready to keep up with the costumer request and is constant updated about the market development.


ITAflon portfolio includes all the PTFE compound range and PTFE virgin powder for semi-finished and finished products. Thanks to the tests we run in our lab and our modern machinery we can guarantee high quality standard.


Our technical staff can count on a fully equipped lab where is possible to evaluate the chemical, thermal, electrical en physical composition of the raw material. Thanks to its laboratory, ITAflon can offer a custom technical support and is able to perform studies for the creation of innovative products.


ITAflon strongly believes that innovation is the way to the future and for this reason the company is oriented to the research and development of customized products that can satisfy the new needs of our customer, operating on a market constantly changing.


ITAflon can offer a consolidated know-how and a strong production flexibility. Our goal is to satisfy any request of our costumer and in order to do that we provide you a solid technical support and the possibility to order also small quantities of virgin PTFE and PTFE Compounds. ITAflon team is supplier for tailor-made PTFE Compounds and boast a deep fluoropolymers market knowledge. Ask for a consultancy and order the product that better suits your needs.


  • Our PTFE powders are suitable for :
    •Normal and automatic compression molding
  • •Isostatic moulding press
  • •Ram extrusion

ITAflon PTFE Compound in Automotive:

  • • Static and dynamic seals
    • Gaskets
    • Piston rings and guides
    • Guiding tapes

ITAflon PTFE Compound in Aerospace:

  • • Shaft seals and oil carter seals
    • Actuators and landing gears
    • Shielding
    • Radomes

ITAflon PTFE Compound in Industrial:

  • • Compressor rings
    • Hydraulic, back-up rings, piston and rod gaskets
    • Bushings thrust washers
    • Conductive flanges, ball valve seats
    • Food processing machines

ITAflon PTFE Compound in Constructions:

  • • Slide bearings and skidways
    • Expansion joints, seismic separators
    • Dimpled sheets and discs

ITAflon PTFE Compound in electric/electronics:

  • • Nozzles or medium-high voltage break-down circuits
    • RF coaxial connectors and insulator
    • Printed circuit board




Each product is tested by our laboratory. The ongoing research to improve the performance has been steadily improving. We believe that evolution of the raw materials is fundamental to react to market demands

technopolymers and fluoropolymers

ITAflon has developed new grades of technopolymers and fluoropolymers such as PEEK, PFA, FEP, PVDF, PCTFE; all the types can be supplied as natural or compounded (with glass fiber/carbon fiber or carbon) in powder or pellet.

PTFE micropowders (lubricants)

ITAflon is supplying PTFE micronized lubricant powders, proposing a wide range of powders of different sizes (from 1 to 30 microns) and different molecular weight, which are generally blended in different percentages of lubricants and additives with other hosting materials in order to improve their performances.


Frequently used as lubricant agents with thermoplastic materials, with thermo-hardener and elastomers in order to improve the wear resistance and the anti-dripping effect. They are also used in inks to improve the printing flowingness, while in paint formulations are particularly performant with nonstick coatings, where a high chemical resistance is required.

For further details

For further details required you may consult and download the tecnical data inherent our products on our website www.itaflon.com. and you may contact us at info@itaflon.com.